As I leave Liberia after a fortnight on the road, on assignment for the Lutheran World Federation. 

A fortnight of work can leave so many impressions, and so in sharing the highlights I don’t always know where to start.

I’ve seen the love and tender care of a mother for her two-day-old child.

I’ve seen a young boy receive emergency care at a Liberian hospital, and met a woman holding her husband in her arms sitting with him on his hospital bed.

I’ve attended worship as the congregation mourned the loss of lives amid political turmoil.

I’ve seen an eighty-year-old woman dance her heart out as she celebrated her birthday with her congregation.

I’ve had my temperature checked as a precaution against the spread of Ebola.

And I’ve tried to capture some of it on camera.

A young boy receives emergency treatment at the Ganta Hospital in Liberia. © Albin Hillert
A child born in the seventh month of pregnancy receives support at Phebe Hospital, Bong county in Liberia. © Albin Hillert
Assistant supervisor Jefferson Zigbuo checks the hematocrit level in a blood sample in the Ganta Hospital lab. © Albin Hillert
A group of students at Ricks Institute play football in the schoolyard. © Albin Hillert
A child looks up during Sunday service at Saint Andrew Lutheran Parish in Monrovia. © Albin Hillert
Bread and wine is distributed during Holy Communion as part of Sunday service at Saint Andrew Lutheran Parish in Monrovia. © Albin Hillert
Students pass through the corridor during recess at Mother Tegeste Stewart Apostolic Pentecostal Mission School in Montserrado county, Liberia. © Albin Hillert
Ganta Hospital nurse Loretta Nyawonse tends to a young female patient recovering from surgery. © Albin Hillert
38-year-old Rachel Zackpah tends to her two-day-old child in the ward at Ganta Hospital. © Albin Hillert
Thomas Freeman, a diabetes patient at Ganta Hospital, rests in the arms of his caretaker Maibee Freeman at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital. © Albin Hillert
A patient at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital prepares a meal. The hospital provides kitchen facilities for patients who wish to cook for themselves during their stay. © Albin Hillert

These and a few more photos are available at Liberia – Health and Education, as material is forthcoming.

Take care, and talk soon,