I don’t do a whole lot of nature or landscape photogaphy. But it does happen every so often that I see something I cannot help but want to capture.

And today as people around the world are taking a stand for climate justice, I’m glad to see I have been able to make at least one small contribution from my corner of the world, as a few of my pics have made it into the exhibition ‘And it is good’, announced today by the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches among other partners, and formally opened on 22 September in New York.

“In a time marked by climate change, habitat loss and mass extinction, we invite you to reflect on the web of life,” the introduction to the exhibition states. “Biodiversity is an ecological concept. It reminds us that healthy ecosystems depend on a diversity of flora, fauna and minerals…”

Learn more about the exhibition from the LWF or the WCC.

Glad also to be in good company, with fellow camera holders like Sean T. Hawkey, Joanna Lindén-Montes, Johanan Celine Valeriano, Stéphane Gallay and Cornelia Kästner.

Take care,